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Skip Hire in Tamworth

Mini Skips

Despite their size, our mini skips are very durable and able to tackle 20 bin bags and 20 wheelbarrows of waste, as well as two tonnes of soil.
Our smallest skip available, they are perfect for household waste, packaging, broken planters and pots and small miscellaneous items. A major bonus of hiring a 2-yd skip is that they can usually fit on a standard driveway, saving you the effort and expense of arranging a skip permit. So, if you need to clean out a small garage or give your garden some TLC, our 2-yard skip is the perfect option.



Approximately 20 binbags and 20 wheelbarrows.

Our smallest skip available

Great for home DIY and small garden projects (holds around 2 tonnes of soil).

Midi Skips

Need an all-purpose skip in Tamworth? Our medium-sized midi skip is a versatile option, popular with homeowners and businesses alike. These midi skips are brilliant for tackling various DIY projects, especially if it means handling bulkier types of furniture that smaller skips struggle with.
Perhaps you are doing an end-of-tenancy clearance or stripping out old kitchen units, if so, a 4-yard skip is the answer. These 4-yard skips can accommodate around 40 bin bags and 100 wheelbarrows of waste.



Approximately 40 binbags and 100 wheelbarrows.

Our medium-sized skip

Great for a garage or garden clear-out and small home extensions.

Builders Skips

Hired by professionals to tackle inert waste such as sand, rubble and soil, builder’s skips are our largest skip for hire.
These skips can accommodate around 60 bin bags and 175 wheelbarrows of waste – great for tackling large construction and DIY projects, such as home renovations, extensions and commercial refits. We understand construction sites must be kept tidy and hazard-free to prevent mishaps and keep everything running smoothly. That’s why our maxi skip is the favoured for building contractors throughout Tamworth.

Builders Skip Hire


Approximately 60 binbags and 175 wheelbarrows.

Our largest skip available

Very popular skip for all DIY needs, including home renovations and extensions.

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